Breaking Down a Nightmare

Some people place a lot of value on dreams, saying they’re reflections of our subconscious, a view of things to come, or that each dream has a specific meaning. In the Bible, we read of dreams being used to relay messages from God. I’m not sure exactly what purpose dreams serve these days, but every once in a while I have one that really sticks with me. In the dream I saw on Christmas night, I had thoughts going through my mind as things were unfolding. Dream-Stav’s thoughts are in italics. Ready? Here we go...


I'm walking around Disney World and have my eye on a man walking in front of me with a long coat on. I see him pull out a rifle (maybe he’s a police officer? Never jump to conclusions and think you know the story). I duck behind a car so I can keep an eye on him. I draw my gun and hear him say “I’m going to kill everyone here!” (OK this guy is definitely the bad guy. Shoot him) I have my sights on him when I realize the gun I’ve drawn is a .22. A black Smith and Wesson 22A to be precise, with a Punisher skull on the back-plate. (Not my gun!) I have my sights on him so I fire.  (This has to hit because it’s a low-powered caliber!) My bullet hits him in the chest but he doesn’t seem phased. He starts firing into the crowd of people and I keep shooting at his face, but he’s not stopping. I get a few malfunctions (tap, cycle) and clear them before I run out of ammo and realize the extra magazine I have on me for my 9mm won’t fit this gun. I feel defeated and helpless as I watch him shoot innocent people. I yell to a big group of men just standing around to attack him and they tell me they can’t because he won’t stop shooting and one of them will get hurt. (I wonder if I can take him down, but he has 2 unarmed accomplices watching his back) He continues to shoot as I stand there helpless. I wake up out of breath and almost in tears.

Despite the horrific nature of my dream, throughout the day as I thought it over, there were some lessons to be learned from it. I was proud of my dreamworld's  "Stav" and the things she remembered from her real-life training. 

Things dream-Stav recalled from her training:

  1.  Switching up your carry gun often is bad for your muscle memory! Carry what you train with and shoot best.
  2.  Shot placement matters
  3.  Don’t assume the guy with the gun is the bad guy. Be sure before you shoot
  4.  Use cover
  5.  Watch out for accomplices
  6.  Get others to fight back. There’s power in numbers (when others have the same mindset)
  7.  Guns malfunction, so know how to handle malfunctions quickly
  8.  Always carry extra ammo on your body! Unfortunately, mine didn’t fit the gun that transformed from my 9mm into a .22.

Though this was just a dream, there are lessons to be learned by thinking through scenarios you make up in your head. A great practice is to mentally place yourself into different situations and think about what course of action you'd take. Should the situation arise, it will take less time for you to react. Stay safe out there!