Word of the Year

Sitting around the breakfast table with my friends 10 hours into the new year, we started discussing our "word of the year". Some of my friends do this every year, but I've never had one word to focus on throughout the year so it got me thinking. I have lots of specific goals I'd like to accomplish in 2018 in a bunch of different areas. Shooting, teaching, hiking, hunting, my faith, career, physical fitness, etc. I won't bore you with the details of each one. But I wonder if there's one word to sum up all I wish to accomplish this year. 

I want to be more brave and take on new challenges. I want to embrace every single day because life is short. I want to learn and push myself physically and mentally. So how do I mix that all up into just one word? 


I want to have intention, to do things with an aim and a goal in mind.

I used to spend so much time playing Call of Duty. When my Playstation Network subscription ran out last year, I decided not to renew it. Do I miss playing? Sometimes. But what was I gaining from spending hours and hours playing a video game? Nothing. I used to come home from work and watch episode after episode of junk TV because it's easy to shut off my brain for a few hours and do nothing. But I realized I was wasting moments of my life on the couch when there's so much to do and learn and explore and experience. 

I still turn on the TV every once in a while and occasionally binge-watch shows on Netflix, but now it's mostly for background noise while I'm doing something else. I started my journey to being more productive last year and it's something I want to continue in 2018. I want to take advantage of my time because there's only so much of it. I want to spend it improving my skills and learning new things, having new experiences outside the four walls of my home.

As I write this, it's currently 9 degrees outside and the thought of venturing out and doing anything has left me in my fluffiest sweater and slippers. I've definitely lounged around a bit today, and that's OK. Living life with intention doesn't mean I'll never have lazy days and moments, it's healthy to do that every once in a while. Sometimes you need to listen to your body and rest. It means that when I need to relax, maybe instead of becoming a TV zombie, I'll watch a couple episodes of something I can learn from. Or I'll do some yoga to benefit my body while allowing myself to unwind. So in 2018 I'm going to try to do things with intention. To have an aim and a goal and take advantage of my time and this amazing world in which we live.