Getting Over Your Fear of Carrying a Gun​

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Getting Over Your Fear of Carrying a Gun

Learn how to integrate a firearm into your daily life with confidence and competence.

During This Masterclass

You will learn

  • The 3 main fears that stop people from carrying firearms and how to overcome each one.
  • How I went from never seeing a gun to carrying one every day and why you *don’t* need to be a “gun nut” to make one part of your day to day life.
  • Next steps you can take to start your own journey as a self-reliant gun-carrying woman!
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Stavroula MacQuarrie (aka Stav) - NRA Certified Pistol, Home Firearms Safety, Refuse to Be A Victim Instructor

About the Presenter

Stavroula MacQuarrie went from not seeing a gun until she was 18 years old…

To carrying one every single day in a way that doesn’t require her to make drastic changes to her lifestyle!

Now she helps THOUSANDS of women (LIKE YOU!) learn how to take control of their own safety in a way that’s practical and sustainable.

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