woman sliding wrack


I cannot even tell you how many times I heard things like…

“I don’t like that gun. I can’t rack the slide.”

“My wife/girlfriend/daughter needs something that has an easy slide.”

“Which gun has an easy-to-rack slide?”

“I can’t rack the slide…”

I get that some of us have hand issues, maybe arthritis or an injury, and an “easy-to-rack” slide may be totally necessary for you. But I STRONGLY believe that with the correct technique, I can have you racking a slide like a pro, no matter the gun!

I’m trying to think of any female instructors I’ve had over the years and I can’t even think of one (besides my sister who first introduced me to guns). I learned from men. But guess what? Men are different. Their hands are different. Their grips are different. Their arms are different. My husband racks a slide in a way that I cannot. That meant that I had to find a technique that worked for ME and my body. 

And I know that once you try it out, you’ll be able to use it too! I created a video on this very technique and I have since received hundreds of comments, emails and messages thanking me because they thought they couldn’t rack a slide, but just never tried this technique and now they can! 

Check out my video, showing you this exact technique: 

If you’re having trouble racking slides, try out my technique and let me know what you think! It may just be a game-changer for you 🙂

Happy racking!

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