My Favorite Things

Let me Share With You

A list of all my favorite things that make me 

Confident & Competent To Carry

She Equips Herself ™ Channel

I create videos in hopes to inspire and educate other women. If you want to learn more about specific holsters or how I make a gun part of my daily life, check out my channel!

binge-worthy episodes

6 TRUTHS ABOUT CARRYING A GUN | Let’s get honest

GOOD GUN FOR WEAK HANDS? | Walther CCP review & comparison

CONCEALED CARRY FOR MOMS | Keeping yourself and your family safe

She Equips Herself School

My online courses are designed to take you from casual gun-owner to confident carrier! I know you’re busy, so I wanted to make it as accessible and flexible as possible! You can start and finish them on your own time.

My Merch Store

If you want to support and show your love for She Equips Herself , check out my online store! I’m a huge fan of our “flowy tank” for the summer as it offers excellent concealment and comes in a lot of colors 🙂

Things I love on Amazon

Some of my favorite training aids and items are available on Amazon! You can also check out some books I HIGHLY recommend!


My absolute favorite way to carry an extra magazine. No belt required! I use this in my pockets, waistbands, soft-holsters, purses, and pretty much anywhere else to keep my magazine accessible at all times.

POM Pepper Spray

I believe everyone should carry pepper spray. My favorite is POM pepper spray. It has a clip that makes it so easy to grab and clip before I leave the house. They also come in a bunch of colors! 10% off use code equips

OTIS Technology

If you want to make sure your gun is as reliable as possible, keeping in clean is super important! My go-to cleaning products are by OTIS technology. From lead-removing hand wipes to a variety of cleaning kits, you’ll find everything you need to keep your gun running smooth. If you want to see how I clean my carry gun, check out this video. Use code EQUIPS15 for 15% off OTIS products


For dry-fire practice at home, Mantis makes some amazing products that can turn your home into a virtual range! Get meaningful practice between range sessions with their training systems.


Flashlights are excellent tools and can be used both to keep us safe AND to look for things in the dark. Powertac flashlights are amazing quality…I have a few favorites that I take with me whether I’m going out with friends or taking the dog for a walk! 15% off code EQUIPS

Sticky Holsters

One of the easiest ways I've found to carry! The sticky material keeps the holster securely in place against your skin, no belt required! Code EQUIPS for 10% off!

Ultimate Holsters

My favorite belt-less kydex holster! If you want to see how it works, check out my video review here. Get 10% off using code EQUIPS.

Dene Adams

One of the first holsters I ever bought was a corset holster by Dene Adams. I still have that same holster and use it all the time! They’re functional AND cute 🙂 10% off code SHEEQUIPSHERSELF10

Alexo Athletica

My absolute favorite concealed carry leggings are made by Alexo Athletica! They have pockets on the sides. Need I say more? Ok I’ll say more. They’re great quality and allow me to carry a gun without having to add a bulky holster! I wear them all the time.

The Well Armed Woman

If you’re looking for a community of like-minded women, The Well Armed Woman has chapters in every US state! They’re also a great resource for concealed carry products and information.

Roma Leathers Inc

I believe that off-body carry CAN be a great option. Before you carry off-body please watch this video, and if you decide you want to try it out, Roma Leathers has some excellent options for concealed carry bags! Get 10% off $50 or more code SHEE10.