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to take firearm ownership to the next level with the flexibility of online learning?

So that you can finally feel confident going to the gun range

Know how handguns work from the inside out

Understand the lifestyle of concealed carry

Train with your firearm in a real way, rather than just target shooting?

Ready to Carry Bundle

Armed and Confident Academy and Practical Handgun Academy are the perfect match to get you ready to carry. Enroll in both courses at a discount!

In ACA, you’ll learn all about how guns work, how to integrate your firearm into your daily life without having to change your lifestyle, what goes into the concealed carry mindset, and more.

In PHA, you’ll gain tons of practical skills you can take to the range to make you a confident and accurate self defense shooter including shooting from the draw, positional shooting, instinctive shooting, and SO much more!

Meet Your Instructors

Stavroula MacQuarrie (Stav) has been a certified firearms instructor since 2015. She holds multiple instructor certifications including home firearms safety, basic pistol, and pepper spray.

She has a passion for teaching others how to become confident firearms owners.

Before moving her instruction online to reach a wider student base, she taught in-person firearms classes including private one-on-one and group lessons, large class lectures focusing on concealed carry and self protection for women, and more!

Robert MacQuarrie (Mac) served in the Marine Corps as a machine gunner, primary marksmanship instructor and range coach. He is a former SWAT operator as well as the lead firearms instructor for his police department.

He also created and instructed all of the tactical/live-fire courses for the Mass Firearms School for over a decade.

Mac has decades of experience teaching firearms to thousands of people including police officers, SWAT, Marines, and civilians.