Here’s the thing…the idea of carrying a gun seems very liberating. Taking control of your safety is such a, let’s face it, bad*** concept.

But until you actually start carrying a gun, you may not realize a few things…

  1. They’re uncomfortable! – I don’t care how you carry, it’s hard to not notice a gun on your body AT ALL. Even in my most comfortable holster, I know it’s there. As someone who likes to walk around barefoot as often as possible, I love minimalism and comfort. And having to carry a block of metal and plastic on my body for hours at a time can become quite annoying.

  2. They may make you paranoid – Not about being attacked or murdered, but about someone knowing you have it! ‘Uh-oh…someone’s coming in for a hug. What if they feel my gun??’ … ‘Oh no…I just reached high up to grab something from the top shelf and there was a woman behind me. Did she see my gun?’

  3. They’re a huge responsibility – Having the ability to cause death or serious bodily harm to another human being is a weight that you’ll (literally) carry every day you put that gun on your body. Ever interaction you go into will involve a lethal tool, simply because you brought it!

  4. It’s a LIFESTYLE change – When you decide to make guns a part of your life, some things will inevitably have to change. If you’re around children, you HAVE to make sure they can’t access these things that you’re now housing inside your home. You’ll start investing in training so that you’re a responsible gun-owner, which will change your calendar and move things around in your budget as well. You’ll have to figure out how they fit into your life.

THE GOOD NEWS IS…It’s all worth it. The learning…the trying…the mistakes and lessons…your safety is WORTH all of it. That’s why I still carry a gun every single day, despite all these truths!

Check out this video where I share 2 more truths.

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